Imagine fleeing your homeland to a new country where you know no one.

The decision to pick up your life and your family and move to a different country is not an easy one. It takes courage and resolve to leave behind everything you know and essentially start your life over again. And, of course, once a newcomer arrives – whether as someone who has chosen to immigrate to Canada or as a refugee fleeing a conflict situation – the process of beginning that new life is very challenging.

In addition to the traditional settlement and integration services, including assistance with housing, employment, language training, school registration and childcare, the Catholic Centre for Immigrants offers enhanced services to help newcomers feel at home in Ottawa.

These services include:

  • temporary housing for refugees
  • mental health support
  • a wellness centre which helps immigrants transition to a new healthcare system, mentoring
  • a pastoral program which connects newcomers with their faith communities for spiritual support

With your help, we can make even more newcomers feel welcome in our great country.

In 2021-2022 we…


1,335 refugees assisted with housing, language training, and integration

1,065 adults, young people, and children used community-building and support activities

313 youth attended virtual homework clubs, activities, and job-search training

4,000 assisted by our settlement team