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What We Do

We help newcomers find housing and jobs, learn a new language, enroll their children in school, and connect to a faith community.

We also help them with everyday tasks most people take for granted, such as opening a bank account, using public transit, shopping, or finding a family doctor.

We help children, youth, adults, and seniors integrate and adjust to Canadian culture while respecting and encouraging the benefits of a diverse society. We connect Canadians with newcomers so that together we build a more welcoming community for everyone.

Ottawa is home now. Let’s help them reach their full potential.

Immigrant family


The mission of the Catholic Centre for Immigrants Foundation/ La Fondation du centre catholique pour immigrants (CCIF) is to provide funds for the promotion, development, operation, maintenance and other benefit of the Catholic Centre for Immigrants – Ottawa/Centre catholique pour immigrants – Ottawa in the National Capital Region.



As Ottawa’s longest-standing immigrant settlement organization, the Catholic Centre for Immigrants (CCI) provides a full range of services to newcomers. In addition to fulfilling the traditional settlement and integration functions, it also provides enhanced and complementary services to facilitate their adaptation to Canadian living. These services include pastoral support, mentoring, mental health assistance, health and wellness evaluation, and transitioning into the Canadian health care system.

Most of these enhanced services are not available at other settlement agencies, but our experience has shown us that these services are critical to the successful integration of newcomers. CCI has, therefore, challenged itself to be on the leading edge in the development of immigrant integration services. And so, in June 1997, in order to support this pursuit of innovation, the CCI family expanded to include the Catholic Centre for Immigrants Foundation (CCIF).

CCIF’s exclusive mandate is to raise money in support of the work of CCI in a manner that is consistent with the character, vision and values of the organization. A key characteristic of the character and vision of the organization is a commitment to serve all immigrants and refugees, irrespective of their religious affiliation.

CCIF raises funds from non-governmental sources, including individual donors, faith communities and other organizations. CCIF works with all the major faith groups in Ottawa.

CCIF is a registered charity. The Charitable Registration Number is: 891000747RR0001.


How to find us

219 Argyle Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K2P 2H4